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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a criminal offense that occurs in a family-like setting and that involves physical, verbal, sexual and/or emotional abuse. Anytime domestic violence occurs, it impacts every member of a family. First, it directly impacts the victim who may be subjected to physical and/or mental maltreatment. Second, it indirectly impacts any people, such as children, who may be silent witnesses to the abuse. Domestic violence tends to by cyclical and also escalates with time if it goes unreported. For this reason, people are encouraged to report instances of domestic abuse immediately.

Once domestic violence has been reported, law enforcement will move quickly to investigate reports. This holds true even when allegations are false. After reports are made, police will remove accused offenders from their homes and may press criminal charges. The accused may also be subjected to restraining orders, which means people may be prohibited from entering their own homes or making contact with their children.

The consequences associated with domestic violence accusations do not stop there. After accusations have been made and charges have been pressed, people will be up against the criminal system. If they are convicted of domestic violence, they may be sentenced with jail time, fines, probation and even court ordered counseling. Additionally, if they are currently involved in a family law matter, their convictions can negatively impact child custody or divorce proceedings.

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in South Florida

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